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How to measure the size of chain or necklace?

The measuring the size of the chain or necklace is very easy and requires a very few elements. We will you the tips you need to selects most appropriate length.

The chain lengths to use that normally use to wear woman chains o collars:

  • Choker : 15.74 inches
  • Up to above clavicle: between 16.9 and 18.89 inches
  • Slightly under clavicle : 19.68 inches
  • That the chain descends to the neckline or it arrived just at: 1.80 inches
  • If you wish under neckline: 23.62 inches.

The chain lengths to use that normally use to wear man chains:

  • If you have a small neck a you want it to descends into the base of it : 17.71 inches
  • That descend to the clavicle: 19.68 inches
  • For to descend to the clavicle: 21.65 inches

The lengths of chains that us to wear for the children are:

  • The average is between 13.77 and 15.74 inches

How long chain or necklace to use according to the height:

Less then 1.62 feetAmong 15.74 and 19.68 inches
Among 1.62 feet and 5.57 feetAny of them
5.57 o morelonger


The length of choker or chain according the part of body that you want highlight:

To stand out your breasts Between 19.69 to 21.65 will be   under the clavicle but the bust   above
You have a flat bust but not so big A thin chain of 21.65 inches
Woman with more width A chain of 17.71 inches to avoid that be under bust


The length of chain o chokers according a face shape:

  1. A choker with a length between 10 and 16 inches could help to soften the pointed angle of of the woman chin with a face of heart shape. That technique fits for that woman that have rectangular and elongate.
  2. Woman with a round face must avoid the short necklaces because their chain tends to make their face look more round. The collars longest are between 26 and 36 inches and lengthen in better way the jaw.
  3. If your face is a oval shape all size fits you.
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