How cleaning the silicone

The bracelet is very easy to clean care for, alcohol is more often used to clean the band and the metal accessories.

  1. The material of the clasp material is durable and do not require any special treatment or care condition then except not to mark up at the plate with elements that can produce damage.

How clean the steel

Care and instructions about cleaning the colgant or Bracelets

  1. You must avoid that your Jewelry become in contact with liquids such as perfume, sweats, cleaner, disinfectant, shower gel.
  2. To keep the shine the Jewelry, it is better clean with a clean and dry cloth after use.
  3. When you not are using it, please seal the Jewelry with a plastic small bag avoiding become in contact with a son light and humid air and dirtiness.
  4. If you perform a physically heavy or you are going take a shower, please don’t the id identifier.
  5. When you save your Jewelry, keep up it in a plastic avoiding the friction among them
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