In case of loss, the pet id tag facilitates its identification and don’t suffer for your forgets
It includes, self-programmed agenda, without any costs reminding you everything on time, and offering info on the web for one year, 24/7 as well as other advantages.
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In addition, so you can alternate take advantage – 40% in the 2nd unit of any model

Make your purchase easier in just 3 steps

Easily fill in the fields to mark the plate.

Pay With Your Credit Card With One Click And Receive The ID  At Your Address In Any Country.

Pay with your credit card with one click and Receive the ID at your address in any Country.

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Engraved with you pets data – Avoid risks , gain welfare and calm

Sing up for news letter, care tips and promotions


With your purchase you will receive these excellent benefits

Your pet's information always on the web for free

Your pets information will be 24/7 all one year on the web and the agenda you get free cost will always remind you everything on time. Its self programed and includes normal checkups pending, but you can add others, including beauty appointments, and easily adjust it to the case of your pet as you desire, and to the veterinary’s advice. It also includes a section for you to register medications, surgeries, insurance, ID Card and a practical manual of advice for your pet.

Avoid risks, gain well-being and tranquility

Our ID and the free gift agenda lets you care better your lovely pet and gives you well-being and tranquility

Excellent quality

Our ID are made of the best quality; the steel used is the 316 with greater resistance to sweat corrosion, at temperatures and allows seeing what is engraved easier


If you feel and need some help deciding what kind of information is engrave on your pet ID do not be discouraged. The engraving price includes the amount of information that is necessary and it depends of the id size

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